Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome, Spring!

First post of this Spring will be (as it should) a green one!
Saturday (cold and gloomy day, like in early winter) was the last day of "Spring in Novi Sad" (Novosadsko Proleće) event / exhibit / bazaar, my favourite springtime event, and I went there with my friends to see what's going on. Same as every year, there were stalls after stalls abundant with flowers, plants and seeds, with honey and other home made and organic food, an exhibition of children artwork, and arts and crafts bazaar. For me it is always so much fun to walk around amongst gazillion people, colours and flowers bursting everywhere I look, smiling faces, sounds of a marketplace and above all to see all the creative and beautiful artworks displayed.
I came there with no special intention to buy anything, but I've returned home with full hands. The concentration of beautiful stuff was immense and it affected me deeply, so I wasn't able to leave without bringing some with me. This year I've decided on the go to treat myself with three lovely plants: an arrangement of lucky bamboo, a cute looking haworthia in its so becoming clay pot, and a cineraria in my favourite purple colour for which I have chosen the prettiest green woven basket.
Years ago I used to have so many flowers of my own (not to mention all the plants my other family members had around), mostly cactuses and succulents, but I didn't have a good place for keeping them over winter so gradually I've lost almost all of them. And consequently I've lost the will to try... It was in the pre digital camera era so I think I don't even have a picture of my dear long lost plants.
Now I've decided that I really miss having greenery around me and that is high time to start over! These three beauties are just the beginning as I hope to have much much more. It must be the spirit of the Spring blooming in my chest - let it stay there all year long!

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