Thursday, September 20, 2007

An insignificant comment

I was just going to tell here another sad story, but then I realised that someone might think that I'm severely depressed. It's not that. I'm just disappointed in anything and everything, and I sometimes fail to disguise it cunningly with a smile.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sad but true

There are times when things are just plain bad and you get to a point when you think that they can't be any worse. Each such time is sure to prove you wrong.
You won't be even lucky enough to have an opportunity to make things better.
Best you can do is to try to hold your ground and stop things from getting more bad. In the end, you will fail. At least you'll be able to say that you have tried.
Or, you can go with the flow, greeting bad things as old friends forevermore. In the end, it all comes to the same.
Sometimes, you'll think that you can see a glimpse of hope in the distance. It will only prove to be a trick of faith to make you loose your grip so that things go rolling down even faster.
It would be comforting to know that this abyss has an ending. That at some point there won't be more going down.
Who knows if this is true? Who can tell if we'll ever know?
People say that if life gives you a lemon you should make a lemonade. What if the lemon was rotten inside?