Sunday, January 31, 2010

With a smile on my face

There are small things that can make you so happy. One of those things are pepople one can meet in this blogging community.
Up until a point when Nena discovered my blog, my blogging experience has been a one-way communication with a possible unknown reader. I didn't even hope that the blog would attract a real audience. But when she stumbeld upon mu blog some time ago, things have wonderfully changed for the better. I got to know about a whole new world of fellow bloggers just like me, who are enourmously tallented and who are creating beautiful things using their skills and imagination. This made me more motivated to create my own little works and to share them more with the world.
But more than anything else, this introduced me to a world where the spirit of good will, sharing and encouragement is an unlikely ruler. Unlikely, because the reality of the world around us can be so opposite that it often makes us forget what the real values shoul be.
So I just want to say thank you Nena3110 for opening the new horizons for me and for sharing your work with all of us!

What a wonderful blogging world this can be!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pendants - set no.2

Here is another set of pendant that I've made on my first play-date with Ana and polymer clay. This is me trying out new techniques. In the end I have formed each pendant in a slightly different shape, so that all of them are unique. A few days later, I've also made a set of beads in complementary colours so that the final products look really special.
Two of these cuties are already with their new owners, and were the New Year's gift from me. The third one is still waiting for its designated owner to be surprised!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pendants - set no.1

Remember your early school days when you first discovered clay? I bet you loved it! Every kid does. Dirty hands, soft dough, colors, the feeling you can actually make something nice... It was surely a love at first site, but same as with card making, somehow left behind and forgotten... Until one day you stumble upon it again and the old flame gets lively again.
This is the story of how many, many years after first playing with clay I've discovered it again, though in a slightly different form called polymer clay. I've learned about it from my new friend Ana who is very passionate about this craft and persuaded me to give it a try.
This is my first set of three pendants, I've made as present to my girl friends. I know they aren't works of art, but it's not too bad for the first try.

There are many hobbyists and artists working with polymer clay all around the world and they make some really amazing things. Through the magic of the Internet, one can see all that. Here is an amazing video about artist that make jewelery using polymer clay, their imagination and craftsmanship:

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Books 2009

It is New Year and it's time to conclude my reading list for 2009. I am painfully aware that it is getting shorter and shorter each year. As my home library grows, my free time is shrinking and now my shelves are full of great but unread titles. So sad... Hopefully 2010 will be better.
So here is the list of books I've read in 2009:
  1. "Temeraire: His Majesty's Dragon" - Naomi Novik (Serbian translation)
  2. "Throne of Jade" - Naomi Novik (Serbian translation)
  3. "Stardust" - Neil Gaiman (Serbian translation)
  4. "Artemis Fowl and The Lost Colony" - Eoin Colfer (Serbian translation)
  5. "Peer Reviews in Software" - Karl E. Wiegers (in English)
  6. "La vita meravigliosa dei laureati in lettere" - Alessandro Carrera (Serbian translation)
  7. "Black Powder War" - Naomi Novik (in English)
  8. "Les Echelles du Levant" aka "Ports of Call" - Amin Maalouf (Serbian translation)