Thursday, January 29, 2009

In black

I used to wonder, then I wondered, and I'll just keep wondering ...
Why do bad things happen to good people?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Heart-shaped pancakes

What is the best pancake recipe? What is the best kind?
I say: the best ones are those made and given with love. And I just want to say: "Thanks!"

PS. And just so yo know, THESE are the REAL pancakes!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Mother's idea of a healthy meal (no, I'm not on a diet!)

Eat, eat and eat! That's the way to spend one's holidays. That's the recipe for celebrating any possible occasion. New year, Christmas, birthdays, Slava, anniversary, just name it. Sit down, eat, drink, eat and eat more.
And so this holiday season, that's nearly come to its end, has been a difficult one - for my stomach, that is. And that is why I sorely needed a break. So today, I decided to eat lightly.

These were my instructions: I want vegetables, just boiled with some salt, no add-ones, no meat, just veggies. Carrots - OK, peas - jummy, cauliflower - perfect! And a soup - just mix all the cooking waters and it will be great. And here's what I got:

Soup without anything inside it? Inadmissible! So I got a soup full of overcooked noodles, mushy and partly disintegrated.

Vegetables boiled with only some salt? Too plain, too boring. So the vegetables were boiled with added allspice.

Myself: "They are almost done, cold you please remove them from the stove in 2 minutes?"
Mom: "Sure!"
... half an hour later ...
Mom: "Do you think that they are done? Should I remove them from the stove already?"
Myself: "Argh!"
The peas were too soft, cauliflower molten.

Mom: "Well, if you insist, here are your boiled vegetables, but I really think you should eat something solid with it. Do you like the flavor? Hope you do because I just poured some grease over it and fried them a bit..."

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sonja'a Little Choir

This is a video of AKUD "Sonja Marinkovic" children choir "Zemlja snova" ("Dreamland") from Novi Sad, Serbia. The choir was founded in October 2008 and is conducted by our dear Danijela Hodoba Lesh.

In this video the choir is singing a beautiful holiday tune.
Aren't they simply adorable?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Books 2008

This is the list f books I have read in 2008
(removing it from the right side of the blog to make room for the list of 2009):

  1. "The Amber Spyglass" - Philip Pullman (in English)
  2. "The Zahir" - Paolo Coelho (Serbian translation)
  3. "Artemis Fowl The Opal Deception" - Eoin Colfer (Serbian translation)
  4. "The Family" - Mario Puzo, Carol Gino (Serbian translation)
  5. "Time Gifts" - Zoran Zivkovic (in Serbian)
  6. "Crimenes Imperceptibles" aka "Oxford Murders" - Guillermo Martinez (Serbian translation)
  7. "Grabljivica" - Simonida Stankovic (in Serbian)
  8. "Impossible Encounters" - Zoran Zivkovic (in Serbian)
  9. "Seven Touches of Music" - Zoran Zivkovic (in Serbian)
  10. "A Darkness at Sethanon" - Raymond E. Feist (Serbian translation)
  11. "The Library" - Zoran Zivkovic (in Serbian)
  12. "Sex and the City" - Candace Bushnell (Serbian translation)
  13. "Steps Through the Mist" - Zoran Zivkovic (in Serbian)
  14. "The Knight" - Gene Wolfe (Serbian translation)