Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first "accidental" gemstone piece

That day I went downtown with my friend who was shopping for mandarin ducks and gemstones. Needles to say, few beautiful little stones caught my eye and I've returned home with two pieces of citrine and a piece of jasper. I left them by my computer intending to add them later in my beloved gemstone jar on my desk.
I was reading some blogs, looking what's new on Facebook, posting a text on jasper for my friend Ana who owns a jasper doughnut but didn't know which stone that was, then I was looking on my ongoing beading project in front of the monitor, than started to look at one of the citrines I bought.
It was so nice and cute an little, and it sure tickled my imagination... and I remembered a piece of copper wire I had somewhere within my compartment boxes AND a piece of brown leather that I never knew with what to use (I'm not so keen on brown colour lately). And so I started to work with a little crystal and the copper wire. Oh, I just love the colour of the copper (despite the fact that some people would call it brown).
The outcome is this lovely pendant on a leather string. I simply love it!
The only thing I'm worried about is weather this way of wrapping a gemstone in a wire would affect somehow its energies and make it "feel" trapped... But I don't know much about these things, and I'm looking only at the visual result.
I surely hope that someone who will wear it in the future, whoever that might be, will look at it and love it as much as I do.