Friday, April 22, 2011

Cards with origami cranes

This post will be a cross-blog post. It belongs here as a crafts story on card making, but it also belongs to my origami blog as a story about how origami can be used to make other things.
I have used origami cranes on cards last year for the first time when I was making wedding cards for my colleagues. This time I've used cranes to decorate smaller tag-like cards that I'm going to send to two special ladies with to accompany their gifts.
Cards were made from paper from a note paper block. I've used a 4-in-1 empuncher, one of my favourite tools, which has four different corner punchers that also make embossed shapes all combined in one tool. I've added origami cranes made from beautifully patterned washi paper on the front side. On the back side I only added a sticker to match my colour scheme so that there is enough place for writing. To finish things up, I've added a bit of curled wrapping tape in coordinating colours.As you can see, I like to keep things simple but cute.
front side
back side with smudged text :)

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