Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Books 2007

This is the list f books I have read in 2007
(removing it from the right side of the blog to make room for the list of 2008):

  1. "Castle of Wizardry" - David Eddings (Serbian translation)
  2. "Business Letters" - Marijan Ozanic (in Croatian)
  3. "Eldest" - Christopher Paolini (Serbian translation)
  4. "Enchanter's End Game" - David Eddings (Serbian translation)
  5. "Your guide to helathy sleep" - brochure (in English)
  6. "CMMI Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement" (second edition) - Chrissis, Konrad, Shrum (in English)
  7. "Der Himmel voller Geigen, Das Leben der grossen Symphoniker" – Rudolf Thiel (Serbian translation)
  8. "Angels & Demos" - Dan Brown (Serbian translation)
  9. "Burning Bright" - Tracy Chevalier (Serbian translation)
  10. "Balthasar's Odyssey" - Amin Maalouf (Serbian translation)
  11. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" - J.K. Rowling (in English)
  12. "The Undomestic Goddess" - Sophie Kinsella (Serbian translation)
  13. "Shopaholic & Baby" - Sophie Kinsella (Serbian translation)
  14. "Be careful what you wish for" - Alexandra Potter (Serbian translation)
  15. "Northern Lights" - Philip Pullman (in English, 2nd time)
  16. "The Subtle Knife" - Philip Pullman (in English, 2nd time)