Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pendants - set no.1

Remember your early school days when you first discovered clay? I bet you loved it! Every kid does. Dirty hands, soft dough, colors, the feeling you can actually make something nice... It was surely a love at first site, but same as with card making, somehow left behind and forgotten... Until one day you stumble upon it again and the old flame gets lively again.
This is the story of how many, many years after first playing with clay I've discovered it again, though in a slightly different form called polymer clay. I've learned about it from my new friend Ana who is very passionate about this craft and persuaded me to give it a try.
This is my first set of three pendants, I've made as present to my girl friends. I know they aren't works of art, but it's not too bad for the first try.

There are many hobbyists and artists working with polymer clay all around the world and they make some really amazing things. Through the magic of the Internet, one can see all that. Here is an amazing video about artist that make jewelery using polymer clay, their imagination and craftsmanship:

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Nena3110 said...

Super, volim tvoje radove! :)
Zelim ti sve najbolje.
A da bih mogla da ispunim obecanje, molim da procitas na mom blogu post "Praznici" pa onda...znas sta treba da uradis!