Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pretty vase made by my Mom

Long time since my last post. That doesn't mean that I don't have anything to share. Maybe I haven't been working as much as I wish, but I have a few photos up my sleeve. I'm thinking: best thing first, and the best thing is not MY work at all! :)

I proudly present my Mom's piece here. She did it as a present and although she first thought to do some flowers, she decided that the form of the object is better suited for a geometrical pattern. I can't agree more. I think that her work is, although simple, absolutely fabulous. And keep in mind that she has tried this only a few times before. Let's hope this successful project will motivate her to do more creative works in the future.

So here it is: my Mom's beautiful glass vase!

(the vase is pretty big and heavy - about 30cm high)

Especially for this purpose I've made a setting for photographing so that the pictures can be good. We really don't have good light in the house, but with some effort and a couple of lamps I think that this time the photos are good enough to give justice to the object in them.

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Nena3110 said...

The vase is very, very beautiful, bravo for Mom!