Saturday, March 05, 2011

Chocolate and rum bun cake by Karlovacki kuglof

I always knew about bun cakes and there has always been a bun cake pan in my mom's kitchen, but it seems to me that they were somehow banned form our lives with my mom, my aunt and both of my grandmothers always making more fancy sweets, cookies and cakes. I suppose that bun cakes were considered outsiders, too simple, too dry and with no filling. My father still feels this way although I've got some credit from him for baking more "juicier" bun cakes like the one with apples.

Anyway, my love affair with bun cakes goes back few years now to when I've first bought few slices from a stand one hot summer day while walking along Danube with my friends. Since then, bun cakes gained a lot in popularity in this area, mostly thanks to the efforts of the ladies of Sremski Karlovci who are doing fabulous job promoting their baking skills and their brand name bun cakes. In Karlovci there is even the bun cake festival where visitors can enjoy great tasting sweets. And here, in Novi Sad, there is almost no public event or festival without at least one stall with the famous bun cakes. They have become very difficult to avoid even if anyone would tried to - the bun cake stalls are always attracting swarms of visitors.

After eating many pieces bought here and there, mostly from famous Mira Kovacevic from Sremski Karlovci, I've finally had my wish and got a brand new silicone bun cake pan for my birthday. That was exactly what I needed to bring my love to the next level and to start baking bun cakes myself. I was exhilarated to find the greatest site on the Internet for bun cakes - Mira's own blog Karlovacki kuglof where she is kind enough to share her recipes. From that point on, her blog has been and still is my main source of bun cake recipes.

My first choice was to make the chocolate and rum bun cake. It was very easy to make and so tasty that the day after I made the first one, I made it once again! It has remained one of my favourites - almonds, chocolate and rum are really a great combination of tastes! This is how it looked (not bad for the fist try, right?):
After this first bun cake, I've tried many other recipes from Mira's blog, but I'll leave that for some future posts. Right now I'm going to finish off the bun cake I've made tonight - the one with coffee and almonds. Judging from its smell while baking, it will be fabulous too!

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