Sunday, May 08, 2011

Flowers in the rain

Freshly photographed! These are one of my favourite flowers. I've loved them since I was a child. I love these bunches of little flowers in all varieties of pretty colours, the shape of their petals and the way they look perfect both in a garden and in a vase. We call it "turski karanfil" (which translates into "Turkish carnation"), but their name in English is actually "Sweet William" (which is rather unexpected to me and a bit funny and brings to mind, naturally, the Duke of Cambridge, although he's really not my type - giggle), or in Latin: Dianthus barbatus. There are also few peony (božur, lat. paeonia) in the back of the bunch.
The flowers in my garden are really doing great this year. Lilacs (jorgovan, lat. Syringa vulgaris L.) and lilies (lily of the valley, djurdjevak, lat. Convallaria majalis) were especially pretty and abundant, but for one reason or the other I didn't catch them on camera. So now I'm making my amends and posting here these purple beauties.
Photographing flowers, apart from obvious reasons, can be great also because they are such a great material for making custom graphics if one has some spare time to play and be creative with a photo editor. Results will always surely be worthwhile: it is fun but it can also be useful. For example, you could use such patterns to enhance you web site or a blog. I think I'll try one of my new patterns as a background here, and hopefully it will look as good as I expect.Thankfully, it is Sunday today, a gloomy and rainy day, so I had some time on my hands and so these pictures and patterns came to be.


Nena3110 said...

Prelep je, divno miriše, ali...teško se presuje:)))
baš sam opsednuta.
šalim se, volim, i na svojoj terasi gajim i cveće koje nije zgodno za presovanje,samo za lepotu, cvet je nešto najlepše na svetu, osim malog deteta, ili bebe.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo and thank you for sharing it with us Svetlana ! I love it !!!!