Sunday, May 15, 2011

Decoupage - a nice web site

Today is the day when I'm trying crackle with decoupage for the first time. I didn't want to do any particular project, but to experiment a little. I'm using the information that my dear creative aunt Marina gave me as well as some knowledge gathered online. We'll see what the results will be.
But this post is actually inspired by a web site that I've stumbled upon while searching for crackling tutorials. It is a web site by an Italian artist, who not only displays her own work but also offers invaluable advice and guidelines for a variety of art techniques, and all that in English!
I find the articles very clear and very helpful and that is why I want to share it.
Furthermore, there are original decoupage papers that can be seen on the web site and bought online that are just fabulous!
I also recommend looking at the fabulous art works. I know little about art, but I know when I see something that I like and that looks amazing to me.
(web site of Chiara Stevanella)
(home page of the tutorials)

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Nena3110 said...

Hvala Lyra što deliš ovo sa nama.
Jedva čekam da vidim tvoje nove radove.