Sunday, March 07, 2010

Polymer clay set no.4

This is the set of pendants and earrings that I've made during our second polymer clay workshop. It took me some time before I have finished it all up and took the photos.
Although all of these designs are my creations, I have to give some credit to my sister too because she was the one who gave me "an order" for a pendant and earrings set before the workshop and described how she wants them and in which colours. That was my starting point, but I went a bit further and enhanced the design. I'm happy to say that she is very satisfied with how it turned out! I also love this set and I think that I'll go and make it in other colour combinations too. That will be fun!

I have made all other pendants in the same colour combination using the remaining material. I've noticed that I really hate leaving any prepared material for the next time. I always seem to try to spend it all. This habit of mine is evident from the oval pendant that was made entirely from leftovers. However, that one is my favourite and I think that I'll keep it for myself!

All in all, I am very satisfied with the finished pieces and very surprised with the variety of designs I came up with. This factor of surprise that one has when they see how their starting ideas evolve into new and even more interesting designs in the end is absolutely thrilling and one of the main reasons why I enjoy working with polymer clay so much.

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