Sunday, March 14, 2010

Makings of a great gift

One great gift made me think about what it is that makes a gift great. I'd say that there are several key ingredients to making a gift great: it has to be appropriate, has to have an element of surprise, it must serve its purpose to make the receiver feel appreciated, and finally, what's very important, it has to be original. Originality for me is the key. So, although I don't consider International women's day an occasion I generally like to receive gifts on, because I feel that the true meaning of this holiday is lost, I simply have to share this because I think that this one gift is an embodiment all the of the above mentioned elements. Further more, since it is a business-related gift, it also works as a clever marketing / PR tool.
Let me represent THE CAKE:
Last year when I've received it for the first time, it was a huge surprise and I was sorry all year long that I hadn't taken its picture before it disappeared (and believe me, it was very prone to disappearing!). This year I didn't make the same mistake.
Thumb up for VIP Fund and whoever came up with this idea!

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