Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A day of strange coincidences

In my sleep I was seeing Coca Cola bottles sparkling their contents in hazy clouds around my head. I took one and peered through the window on the label trying to decipher the code printed on the other side of the bottle. The letters were completely out of focus, but I knew that I'll read them, send the code and earn 8 points towards the prize draw. Wow, 8 points per bottle! There were so many bottles around me, that, despite the fact that we reserved a prize some days ago and spent almost all our previously gathered points, we will be able to claim a new prize in no time. How great is that?!
The sound of my mobile phone woke me up, and, as Ivana was handing me the phone, I thought to myself: "I wish one code was 8 points! Just a dream, it's 3 or 4 points really." Sleep still in my eyes, I realised that the number calling me is unfamiliar, I've cleared my throat trying to sound not so just-woken-up at 11:30 and answered the phone.
"Hi, Ivana!" - I'm no Ivana, my brain told me, but I still managed to overcome the confusion and listen on - "Your Coca Cola prize has arrived and you can pick it up today. The address is..." So, I'm not my sister, but she registered for the game and gave my phone number. OK, I get that. But why was I dreaming of Coca Cola bottles? Had I just had a premonition in my sleep?
That was a weird start of a day.
Some time in the afternoon, I sat in front of my computer browsing the Internet looking for some nice wallpapers. Actually, Ivana was looking for some nice wallpapers but I managed to slyly grab her place when she went to get herself a cup of coffee. I was looking wallpapers for quite some time when I saw one with white lilies that was extremely beautiful and that reminded me of a friend who loves that flower. I was just wondering whether to mail her that wallpaper when I got a notification on my messenger that she has just came online.
OK, I know that this was a coincidence, but how strange is it to have two such occurrences in one day?
Later that day, we watched another episode of Gilmore Girls. I simply love them! They are so clever and so not average-American-like. So not cliche.
A thought came to me: how it is great that Gilmore Girls have been on for 7 seasons now without any cast changes, and how casts of many good series had caused those series to end because of unhealthy appetite for money (here the picture of The Friends cast emerges in my mind: is an outrageous million $ per episode really not enough?).
Being in good spirits I went to google The Gilmore Girls, looked at some fan sites, downloaded yet more wallpapers (this time of Gilmore Girls), and wondered what the Wiki has to say about my favourites. And there is was: On May 3, 2007, The CW announced that the series would not be renewed. According to Variety, "Money was a key factor in the decision, with the parties involved not able to reach a deal on salaries for the main cast members..."
(see the whole text here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilmore_Girls)
Apart from a huge shock that my favourite series is to be no more, I was bewildered by the fact that just few minutes ago I thought about one thing that shortly after I stumbled upon online. I shook my head and glanced at the clock: it was minutes to midnight. With a dash of inexplicable relief I greeted a new day.
(this amazing picture is Coincidencies by Dosia McKay, from http://dosiamckay.wordpress.com)
There are days and there are days. Some uneventful, some obscure, some crazy or hectic. But what to say about a day like this? Where have all these coincidences came from? Intuition? A once-in-a-hundred-years star alignment?
I haven't got a clue!

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