Thursday, July 19, 2007

Generation gap

It is the hottest day in the hottest week of one of the hottest summers ever.
People are melting, the electricity and water are being recklessly spent in attempts to cool them. Some are catching their skin cancers on the beaches while some try to escape to the sea where (ironically) the temperatures are even higher.
So I am sweating, feeling good for nothing, lazying from bed to armchair and back again, barely being able to watch TV and check my e-mail. Then I hear form my mom that she has to go over to grandma's tomorrow to help her clean kitchen cupboards since grandma has difficulty kneeling. I think that things like that can certainly wait for cooler days, but (knowing my grandma) if mom does not go tomorrow grandma will do it by herself event if it meant that she does it laying down.
My grandma, she is a 70-year-old on the verge of diabetes, suffering from high blood pressure and nerves, yet she manages to paint by herself her house several times a year (preferably in insane weather like this) and to keep everything in the house meticulously clean. Do I think she's crazy? Definitely! But you simply got to admire her!

Conclusion? Knowing myself it may seem that my gene pool has materialised from nowhere but I am more prone to blame the society: her generation was thought to live through work, mine to drown in idleness.

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