Friday, February 16, 2007

Taking things for granted

If you asked me if I take things for granted, I would have disagreed strongly. Honestly, I don't.
Not many people think about this, but I do. And I always try to appreciate the good things in my life including the life itself. Most of all I appreciate the love I have and the person I share it with. That is something I would NEVER take for granted! Or would I?
Talking on the phone with a friend of mine earlier today, I was taken aback with my reaction. She made an insinuation how happy and relaxed must I be because last night I went to see my boyfriend. I immediately made a sarcastic reply how the only thing that I could have gotten from that visit was loads of viruses (for my boyfriend is sick), and how, after all, I was there for only few minutes. Then she told me: "Yes my dear, but seeing him must have made you so happy!" And, of course, she was right. It did make me extremely happy to be able to spend even that little time with him. So why didn't I think of that instead of making a sad sarcastic comment?
This conversation got me thinking how lucky I am and how many lonely souls are there in the world!
Somehow, this doesn't seem to be a big deal, and someone might say that I'm splitting hairs and have no better things to do (which I do) than to think about trifles. To me it was not something insignificant. I was more a kind of warning so that I don't indulge in thinking that I am above taking things for granted. But moreover, it hurt when I realised how poorly, even though for a brief moment, I appreciated the best thing I have in life, a thing that only rare ones, blessed ones have and must cherish zealously lest to loose it.

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