Monday, March 10, 2008

I will always love you

I used to be quite decisive about not posting videos on my blog, but I really have to make an exception for this. Knowing me, I'll probably continue to make exceptions in the future.

Even my mom knows this song, hence, I'm sure that everybody knows it. But I never suspected that I'll hear a version like this. This is not a new video and I've known about it for some time. Today I stumbled upon it once again and decided to share my admiration and appreciation with the world.
First time when I heard this, I was laughing. Then we played it once more and I laughed less and listened more. The third time, I was really attentive and you could hear the sound of my jaw dropping. Would you be able to sing THIS song THAT way? I don't think so!
My applause goes to the one that came up with the idea and to Nevena Tzoneva for her amazing performance. As my friend Aleksa said: she has both the voice and the looks!

Amazing, right?

I could not resist posting yet another version of the same song. This time, the point is not in the vocal abilities, but the story behind it. This is from my all-times favourite TV show Gilmore Girls. It is a cute and embarrassing situation. Lorelai starts to sing the song for her daughter Rory, but end up singing it to Luke and embarrassing herself in front of all town. It's such a romantic episode!

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