Friday, June 08, 2007

Overthinking - my favourite hobby

As I wrote some time ago, we went to Bulgaria. We also came back, and I still have not written a word about our trip. It is not that I didn't want to, but that I didn't want to slip into cliche, say how wonderful it has been, write a report-like text: we were there, we've done that. That is boring. That is for a diary. Well, maybe not even for a diary because it would not be personal enough.
It is not my style to be a wannabe journalist. I don't think that that style is for me. I like to write stories, not news. I want to explore personal feelings, not facts.
So, yes, we were in Bulgaria. It is an interesting country, where we felt at home and did not see the reasons why they are in the EU and we are not, considering that everything functions in similar dysfunctional ways in both countries. We saw and bathe in the Black sea. The coast is beautiful. People very friendly, although somewhat disorganised.
That would be the end of the report. Thank you very much!

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