Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stella's Winter Dream

On a cloudy March afternoon, little Stella Goldilocks fell asleep in front of her TV in between of two series of ski jumping competition in Lahti.
Everything was strange when she woke up: there was snow everywhere, men and women in tight outfits were whooshing around her on slender skis and the lazy balloons in vibrant colours floated in the air above her head. She new this place because she has been there many times in her dreams. It was the WinterPark land.
Looking around she saw the Hills in the distance and she instantly knew what she must do: she had to get to the Three Hills. She was worried because the Three Hills seemed so far away, and she didn't have any mean of transport. So she hid behind a tree and jumped in front of the first whooshing person that came that way. The poor man was so stunned by her appearing in front of him out of nowhere that he ended up flying head-over-heels and landing in a thick snow few meters from little Stella Goldilocks. Then Stella run to the men in snow, took his slender skies and whooshed her way cross-country to the Three Hills. (Only later she learned about an incident that made the world cup leader loose his title in the last race of the season due to mysterious circumstances.)


It was a wonderful though slightly windy day in the WinterPark land. The happy family of three jumping-bears was returning to their humble abode: the Hill. Coming near to their destination, the first and the big German jumping-bear called Martin stopped abruptly and said angrily: "Someone was jumping from my K115 hill!" At these words the second Swiss jumping-bear called Simon looked at the second hill and exclaimed: "Someone was jumping form my K90 hill too!" The third Austrian jumping bear called Andreas, now truly alarmed, looked at the third hill and said: "Look! Someone is jumping from my K64 hill just now!"

The three jumping-bears now looked all at the little Stella Goldilocks as she was landing from the third hill. Their anger subsided as they watched her graciously making the telemark: she was so little, so sweet and had the most adorable gold locks that were floating on the wind. By the time our little Stella stopped in front of them they were all ready to forgive her the intrusion and ask her to stay forever on their Three Hills.

The rest of this story stays forever concealed from us, as the so-familiar voice of Mr. Goldstrum woke Stella up from her dream with the start of the second series of ski jumping competition in Lahti.

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Jelena said...

Nasmejah se...ovo me podsetilo na par mojih snova...ziveo mozak i njegova sposobnost kombinacije...:)