Friday, January 26, 2007

Lending books

I love books. Love to read them, love to own them, and love to lend them to others.
Many people don't want to lend their books to others and just keep the books for themselves. That is selfish. I do understand the worries: in what state the book will be returned, will it be returned (at all), when (oh, when!) will it be returned etc. I've lived through it all. Sometimes my books returned to me in poor state, some of them have been read many times and it shows. Twice my books got lost, once in a bus full of my friends, the other time somewhere in the barracks where my friend was serving his "green time" *. Many of my books are failing to find their way home, some even for more than a decade. Luckily, I do keep records to whom I lend my books and I heartily recommend to all of you to do the same.
Anyhow, I don't mind sharing my literary treasures with my friends. The only thing I like to get in return is a "thank you", same as I say whenever I lend a book from someone. So, if you read this, think about sharing your books too. Why would they just stand on your shelves and collect dust when can give times of pleasure to someone.

This babbling about lending books is not just for the fun of it, it has a point, and the point is: my dear Friend, you who will be reading this post of mine, I don't remember you saying the magical words although you lent my book yesterday (though it wasn't given to you by myself). **

* If anyone is puzzled, by "green time" I meant the mandatory military service.
** Although it may seen that the last paragraph was written in pure spitefulness, I am positive that the mentioned Friend will know that I am just teasing him. :)

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Aleksa Todorovic said...

What an honour is to be spoken of twice in one post! And both times with a remark!

What else to say except: I'm sorry! and Thank you!